NZ T&C’s

Offshore Adventures Terms and Conditions for New Zealand charters

Please read the following policies to ensure you understand that Offshore Adventures wants to provide you with the best possible fishing experience.
Offshore Adventures head office is located at 18 Devon Street, Mangawhai Heads, 0505, New Zealand.

Included in your fishing charter:
You are paying for your portion of the fishing charter, including:
Certified Captain and expert fishing guide
A spot on our custom built 8.5m Extreme fishing boat for the duration of the charter
Fishing tackle, bait, and gear
Life jacket and safety equipment
Charters are not catered; please bring your own food and refreshments.

Fishing Tackle and Gear
Offshore Adventures will provide all fishing tackle required such as jigging rods (5 sets), soft bait rods (5 sets), top water rod (1 set) and game fishing set ups (5 sets)
Any gear broken or lost will be charged for.
Breakages occur when you don’t follow the Captain’s instructions. Keep the rod at a 45° angle when you are loaded up on a fish. Don’t let the rod hit the boat as this weakens the rod causing breakages, and if you are using a gimbal to fight a fish take the rod out of the gimbal when the fish is close to the boat.
Replacement costs are as follows:
Jigging set ups range between $1100 – $1800ea
Soft bait set ups range between $500-$800ea
Top water set up $1600ea
Game fishing set up $1800ea
Braid per re-spool $150
Soft Baits $7 per packet
Jigs $20ea
Assist hooks $7
Live bait hook, sinker and trace $10
So hold on tight, keep your knees bent and have a good balance over the boat to avoid being dragged over with the rod, slipping, falling or damaging equipment.

If the Captain due to weather or mechanical issues cancels your charter, we will contact you in advance to either reschedule for another day or you can choose to have your deposit refunded less the bank fees incurred.
Offshore Adventures reserves the right to cancel the charter due to weather or mechanical issues at any time.
Cancellations made by clients with more than 21 days notice will receive a full refund of the deposit, less bank fees incurred.
Cancellations made by clients between 10 – 21 days notice will receive a 50% refund of the deposit, less bank fees incurred.
Cancellations made by clients with less than 10 days notice will receive a 0% refund of the deposit.
Casual Charters where we will fill the boat will only go ahead with a full boat (minimum 4 people to run a trip). If we are unable to fill the boat, Offshore Adventures reserves the right to cancel the trip.
By booking this charter you agree that Offshore Adventures is not liable for any personal and financial loss due to a cancelled charter.

The prices for our NZ charters are priced in NZD.
We accept Visa and MasterCard and use Payment Express as our secure payment provider.
Our Payment page is hosted by DPS and Offshore Adventures will not store your credit card details they are retained by our secure payment provider Payment Express.
Payments made by credit card will be charged a fee of 3%
If you are making an International payment please allow for the bank fees at your end.
The balance of your charter costs need to be paid in full the day before your charter via direct credit or credit card via our website. Our bank details will be on your booking confirmation email. Alternatively you can pay the balance in cash on the day of your charter.
Any remaining costs must be paid in cash before departing the boat.

What to bring
Food and refreshments. Catered options are available for full day charters. Please contact us for more information.
Clothing for all weather: wet, dry, hot, cold and windy conditions.
Sunglasses, hat, and sun block. Sunglasses are a must, this is not only to protect your eyes from the glare on the water, but hooks are a hazard too.
Footwear is required onboard. Sandals/flips flops are acceptable, but running / walking shoes are best for comfort and protection. Black soled gumboots cannot be worn onboard.
In winter, a beanie, thermals, warm layers, and a waterproof jacket are recommended.

Your Safety at Sea
The Captain will ensure that passenger’s safety comes first. You will be given a safety briefing before departing the dock. If there is anything you are unsure about do not hesitate to speak up.
When instructed by the Captain, you are required to wear a life jacket. Life jackets will be provided for all passengers onboard.
Please let the Captain know if you have any health conditions that he needs to be aware of.
Seasickness can occur unexpectedly so don’t be shy and speak up if you feel unwell at all throughout the day.
Offshore Adventures reserves the right to refrain clients from drinking alcohol onboard. Pack a few beers for a celebratory drink or for the ride home but be sensible about it.
A day on the water can be exhausting both mentally and physically so you always need to be aware of your surroundings and other clients onboard. Offshore Adventures will not be held liable for any accident or injury which occurs whilst onboard an Offshore Adventures charter.
By booking this charter, you agree to follow any of the Captain’s safety instructions on the day.

Fish Limits
Our limit for Kingfish and Hapuka is one per person. Other kingfish caught can be photographed and released.
Offshore Adventures supports the conservation of all billfish. Marlin are catch and release only, we will do our best to get a photo of you and your fish boat side. If the marlin dies or is badly injured during the fight it is the Captain’s decision to bring the fish onboard.
For other species, we strictly follow the Ministry for Primary Industries rules, laws and regulations for fish limits.

Offshore Adventures reserves the right without further notice to make use of any photography or film taken on the trip by its staff for general publicity purposes without payment or your further permission.

By booking this charter you agree to the above terms and conditions.