Cabo San Lucas 2016 - 74 Billfish released!

Cabo San Lucas 2016 – 74 Billfish released!

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01 June 2016

This Year (May 22nd – 29th 2016) Offshore Adventures hosted a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
18 Kiwi anglers would take the overnight flight from all over to NZ  to Los Angles where they would stay the night and then get the short 2 hour flight to Cabo the next morning. This is where the adventure starts. Tony picks the teams up from the San Jose airport, a quick stop at the Walmart to stock up on drinks, snacks and provisions and then we all settle into a private hotel (12 rooms) that Tony and Bea book out for the trip so its just “Our Kiwi team” in our own hotel for the trip.  The hotel is nice and private, small pool and great little court yard where all the teams socialize and hang out for breakfast and sun downers after fishing. The main aspect of Offshore Adventures personally guided trips is for anglers and non anglers to see a destination they would not normally go to, world class fishing and a chance to learn different techniques to target billfish. Bea looks after the land based activities for the non anglers and ensures they are having just as much fun as the teams out on the water. This year we had 18 anglers spread over 5 boats for 5 days. Each day the teams would fish on a new boat. Moving to a new boat each day really gives the anglers a great opportunity to see how different crews target striped marlin. Some of the different techniques used to catch marlin over the five days included lures, tease and switch, dredge fishing, casting dead and live baits, live baiting and deep dropping live baits to marlin below. Teams got to witness first hand how to rig live baits, dead baits and swimming baits.
Exactly the same time last year Offshore Adventures fished Cabo with 4 boats and 16 Kiwi anglers and released 71 striped marlin and 1 blue marlin, it would take a pretty consistent fishery to produce the same result again.

Day 1
Our first day of fishing in Cabo San Lucas was a bit of  a mixed bag with 11 striped marlin and a bunch of yellowfin tuna spread between our 18 anglers. One of our teams had a great start releasing 8 stripes between 4 anglers. Today we saw tailing marlin everywhere but these fish just did not seem to want to eat. Here is hoping these fish decide to start munching tomorrow!
Awesome group of Kiwi anglers here in Cabo with us this year, great food, cheap beer and a very relaxed atmosphere. Loving being back in Cabo!
Cabo 93Cabo 3
Day 2
Fun day on the water saw the group releasing 10 striped marlin and 1 mahi mahi. Fairly slow bite but all our boats catching marlin today.

Lay day
Some of the teams hit the streets early in the morning to visit the local tackle stores one of the stores “Minerva’s Baja Tackle” has a great selection of tackle and lures to target striped marlin. Some of the crew hunted out some killer deals on lures and I am guessing might be paying a bit for extra baggage!
At 11.30 the team hired a van today and drove up to Todos Santos. Hotel California put on a great meal, some shopping and exploring the sites. Relaxing day and ready for some Cabo marlin action mañana.
Cabo 6 Cabo 4
Day 3
Stunning day on the water here in Cabo today. Our team of 18 anglers released 21 striped marlin, 1 sailfish and 2 mahi. The bite seems to be picking up and we had stunning calm conditions in the afternoon. The best team today went 9 from 12 bites on the striped marlin. So hanging to get back out there tomorrow!
Cabo 5

We have been testing a new rod/reel combo this trip and caught 6 marlin on it,  The new Shimano Energy Concept live bait rod and Talica 25 is a mean as set up for striped marlin and so looking forward to smashing a few bigger kiwi models out on these rods next New Zealand season. Its a two piece rod so great to travel with.
Cabo 8

Day 4
The bite slowed off today and the group released 9 striped marlin and 1 sailfish. Heaps of fish around so hoping they start snapping for our last day tomorrow.

Day 5
Great day on the water saw us releasing 21 striped marlin. Our best boat “Go Deeper” released 10 marlin today.
Wicked day, the boat I was on released 3 marlin and we also had a shot at a tailing swordfish! Stunning day, calm seas and a truck load of boats going backwards! Today was what Cabo fishing is all about!
Gotta love Cabo!

A quick summary of the trip:
5 days of fishing with 18 anglers saw us release 72 striped marlin and 2 sailfish (mahi and yellowfin where also caught).
Same as last year “ALL” our anglers caught multiple billfish.
Top boat was “GO DEEP” who released 28 marlin and 2nd was “GO DEEPER” releasing 20 billfish.
Top anglers were Paul Leathem and Rowan Yandel both releasing 8 marlin each.

The great thing about this trip is not only the awesome fishing but it’s a great way to learn different techniques to target marlin and hang out with like minded people. Tony and Bea have been fishing Mexico since 2011 and Cabo holds some fond fishing memories there for them. This style of trip saves the angler the stress of trying to find boats to fish on in countries they have never fished and also saves the hassle of trying to sort out your mates to come with you to share the costs.
Cabo 92 Cabo 91

Oh yeah we beat last years tally by 2 fish, I think this shows how consistent a fishery Cabo San Lucas is.

Offshore Adventures will be going again to Cabo in 2017 in May, if your interested in this sort of trip please email us at or phone Tony on 021 208 0797

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