Kiwi adventure in Costa Rica and Nicarauga - April 2015

Kiwi adventure in Costa Rica and Nicarauga – April 2015

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14 June 2015

This April Offshore Adventures did a guided trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua

This years trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua was a new style of adventure with the inclusion of two countries into the one trip and two completely different styles of species and locations.
Bea and I arrived early to Costa Rica and opted for a week of quality family time after I had been in Oman for a few weeks and it sure was nice to relax around the pool with the family. Once we got settled back into the Cost Rica life style, Bea and I managed to get out for a day on our good friends boat for a day chasing sailfish. What a stunning day it turned out to be, the sailfish were on the bite and Bea, Sue and I had the run of the cockpit. We released 11 sails from 16 bites and had a wicked day out on the water and all fish caught on swimming baits and switch and tease.
A few days later our good friend Boulder flew in, the plan was to pick him up early in the morning in San Jose and get a private flight to Nicaragua to a remote lodge and fish for Tarpon and Snook. Arriving at the lodge we were greeted with a cocktail, a cooked breakfast and then pretty much straight into fishing. Fishing for Tarpon was a little more challenging than we thought. We jumped a lot of huge fish off for the first two days then end the trip very well with Boulder releasing two nice fish and even a triple hook up on the last day to end the trip on a real high note.


Two days later the rest of the Kiwi crew flew in to Costa Rica and now it was time for the Kiwis to get a taste of Costa Rican fishing. The plan was to fish for two days chasing rooster-fish and then spend two days offshore targeting billfish. The first day targeting rooster-fish proved a little challenging and only saw us release 3 small roosters. Day 2 on the roosters saw us start the day catching larger bonito live baits, the plan started off very well with us hooked onto two very big roosters then bang our luck changed and we lost both fish. We ended the day with another 3 smaller roosters and some jack trevally.
Now it was time to go offshore in search of billfish. Day one was a stunner and saw us releasing 12 sailfish from 20 bites, all the crew had a crack at pitching swimming baits and all caught fish. Day 2 offshore saw things change a little with only releasing 2 sailfish from 3 bites but we did manage to find a school of yellowfin and put 5 small fish in the bin for dinner. We ended the day shooting inshore and caught another 3 small rooster-fish to round out the Costa Rican side of the trip.
The next day we boarded a small private plane and flew into rain forest of Nicaragua where the river systems meet the Caribbean ocean. This time we were greeted with very large swells making for marginal bar crossings out into the Caribbean ocean where we would be targeting Tarpon. We fished the morning and jumped two tarpon off and then spent the afternoon fishing the river systems for Snook. The next day the swell had picked up even more. We tried crossing the bar and one of the boats got into a little trouble so we now decided fishing in the ocean would have to be cancelled for the rest of the trip and a plan was hatched to go fish a long way up into the river system to a small remote bunch of lakes / marsh lands for rainbow bass. This day turned out to be one of the most enjoyable days fishing I have had for quite sometime. The rainbow bass where hooked using little surface spinners and the bites and runs where nothing short of spectacular and a great way to end a relaxing time in Nicaragua.


The lodge in Nicaragua was nothing short of spectacular, amazing meals and service and even a free rum bar. Its a great fishery but the bar crossing is marginal and certainly a hard one to plan and try and get right, especially if your flying all the way from NZ. We will not be going back next year but it is certainly a place I am glad to have fished.
If anyone is interested in joining us next year we will be two guiding two trips to Costa Rica from the 22nd April to the 7th of May 2016. The package includes 5 days fishing, accommodation and transfers. The 2016 trips is going to be a little different and now with Offshore Adventures securing two of Costa Rica’s top charter boats it going to be an awesome 5 days of fishing targeting marlin and sailfish. Please contact me at if you need any more info. This really is a trip of a life time and more affordable than you would think.

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